Winchester Fitness
and Sports Club

At Winchester Sport and Leisure Park
and also at North Walls Recreation Ground


Tuesday   10.00am – 12.55am
Thursday   10.00am – 12.55pm



Most games are doubles although a more energetic singles game is occasionally played. While a few participants have played at league level, mostly they are self taught players of all abilities. Both beginners and experienced players are welcome and will be assured of plenty of exercise and quite a few laughs!

Rackets and shuttles are provided and, depending on the numbers, between two and four courts are available.

Sometimes play finishes at noon if there are insufficient people present.

For more serious players there is also the opportunity to participate in the annual REACT games which is a competition between similar clubs in the South East of England.


Care of shuttlecocks

This is a plea for all members of the badminton group, both regulars and occasional players to take more care of our shuttlecocks. Several issues have come to light recently, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could help be following the guidelines below.

  • Please do not ‘contaminate’ the shuttlecocks we have bought by introducing inferior brands or types. We exclusively supply and use Yonex ‘Mavis 2000’ (white skirt with blue ring) shuttlecocks. We do not use, nor want yellow ones, Mavis 10’s or any other makes.
  • You can check that the shuttlecock you are playing with is the correct type by examining the small label on the back of the nose (inside the skirt). It should be as the photograph below. Anything else is to be discarded or given away.
  • The shuttlecocks we use are relatively expensive (~£2 each) and are good quality with consistent flight and velocity; they should be treated with a bit of TLC, i.e.:
    • Always replace in the carboard tube after use (unless damaged)
    • Never throw them loose into the racket bag – they can be permanently damaged (see picture below)
    • Do not put more than 6 shuttlecocks in a single tube – again, this can cause damage
    • Always check a shuttlecock for distortion or damage before use. If it’s distorted or torn, or the flight is erratic then please make sure to throw the offending item directly into a waste bin. Do not put it back in a tube for someone else to find in the next session.



 Badminton 1

Look for this label – only use/keep Yonex Mavis 2000 shuttlecocks

 Badminton 2
 Badminton 3

Wrong types and yellow skirts not wanted – discard.

 Badminton 4

Skirt deformed by being placed in the racket bag. Beyond use - discard

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I hope that continue to enjoy your badminton sessions as much as I do.

Stuart Gaunt